The Complete Spiritual Walk

by László Balogh

          In this day and age increasingly more people hold interest in spiritual matters, or believe in the power of the mind, yet wouldn’t call themselves believers in God in a traditional sense. Many wonder if there is more to this world. Many are inclined to believe that there must be more than just materialism. And those who pursue such beliefs can in many cases see tangible results in their lives, proving that indeed, there are some spiritual or metaphysical forces at work in the background. When people find such a way, see it work, and experience success and harmony in their lives, they become persuaded of the truth of their beliefs because they see it validated in everyday life. You can’t deny proof – especially when it’s seen in your own life. But what if there is even more to that already discovered reality? What if that spiritual or mental practice is just a part of a bigger picture?

          There is indeed a metaphysical infrastructure and there are spiritual laws that govern it. Everyone is free to discover it and take advantage of it. But where did that all come from? There is a designer and builder behind that structure, and there is such a thing as spiritual hierarchy. If you want to know the whole truth and see the big picture, you have to go to the source. There is order in the design, and there are always rules to the game. True happiness comes from being in harmony with the design, and consequently with the designer. Jesus wasn’t just one of the gurus who discovered how to use the spiritual laws to his advantage. He wrote those laws.

Jesus wasn’t just one of the great teachers who pointed to the truth. He said, he is the truth!

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