God is life, so healing and revitalization are very much a part of His nature.

What God Still Does

Check out this amazing and inspiring video on the right. God is still in the business of healing and taking care of people.  

A Personal Testimony

I have seen a number of healings in my life so far. Some were progressive, some instantaneous. Of course, the fun ones are those when you right away see results. When the afflicted person gets well on the spot when and where you prayed for them. I once prayed for someone who had a bladder infection. I personally have never had one but it sure seemed like it was painful for her. She was in strong pain and was crying, all accompanied by a panic attack. She had to urinate every 5-10 minutes or so, and the urine was bloody. I prayed for her several times for about 45 minutes, when the pain ceased and she fell asleep. The next morning, she was completely symptom and pain-free. Unfortunately, by the afternoon, she started feeling strong pain in her kidneys. I put my hands on where she felt the pain and I administered healing to her. It took a bit longer than 30 minutes, but the pain once again subsided and she fell asleep. A couple of hours later, she woke up and was completely healed. The symptoms have not returned anymore since.

Before this, I never had to deal with bladder infections, nor did I have it myself. I had no idea how much it hurts, how to treat it, or how long it lasts. A few weeks later, I talked with one of my friends on the phone and she asked me if I had healed anyone lately. I told her about the case I just described to you. She asked me, “Do you know how long that usually takes to heal?” I had no idea. She told me that in severe cases like this one, the doctor prescribes you antibiotics for 7-10 days and you gradually heal but are still in much pain, so pain killers might be needed as well. Whichever way you look at it, this was an extraordinary case and something that doesn’t happen every day. You can explain it any way you like. All I know is that I released healing into the afflicted person in the name of Jesus, and saw total healing in about 30-40 minutes. And I have many similar stories like that. Many times the sick person didn’t have any faith or expectation that healing would manifest, yet it did. And these healings are not just the result of an adrenalin rush to relieve pain as many might claim. Serious sicknesses like cancer don’t just disappear from an adrenalin rush. I have seen way too much to doubt anymore!

There is an increasing number of believers all over the world who are getting a hold of the principles of divine healing and are practicing it with great success. The following three videos are just a few of the many testimonials…