Hope For Mankind

by László Balogh


Is humanity destined for defeat by endless wars, economic hardships, negative human emotions, and debilitating illnesses? Is there hope for a better world, ever? When some people try to answer these questions and assert any positivity in this direction, they usually encounter the pessimism of the masses. They’re silenced and called lunatics for believing in such nonsense and utopia. We long for peace, love and a world free from ailments, but somehow we just can’t seem to get there. Always chasing the dream, but the road has rather been marked by failure.

There is a man, who never failed in any of His endeavors – His name is Jesus. He healed the sick, brought comfort to the broken hearted, fed the poor, and taught people how to love. Even through His death, He accomplished a greater victory than anybody ever in human history. He showcased a life of perfection, and challenged everyone to follow Him in His footsteps. Surely, the world would finally be a wonderful place if everyone possessed the demeanor of Jesus. But, how is it possible to live like Jesus?

The apostle Peter – a close follower of Jesus – affirms that through Jesus’ sacrifice and triumph we can become partakers of the divine nature. We don’t just go through a behavioral upgrade, but literally can become a brand-new person. God has always wanted sons and daughters that think and act like Him, and by accepting and receiving the Spirit of Jesus Christ into our hearts, we can make this possible. Just by a simple decision we can plant the seed of this divine nature into our hearts, let God grow it big, and then let it result in a life we’re all truly longing for.

God knows your thoughts, so talk to Him freely, like it’s the most natural thing on Earth. Tell Him you’d like to be His child and finally be free from the harms of this world. Tell Him that you have had enough of the human nature that constantly lets you down somehow. Ask Him to cleanse you, forgive you for the wrongs you have done, and ask Jesus to come and make your heart His home. God will then answer, and do just that.

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